• Your career

Your career

Your professional life is important. It’s one of your achievements. But it’s not your whole life.
We know that your success in a new role depends on you making the right choices and on the balance this creates.

The way motivation is approached has changed in the last few years with the general realisation that, although pay is important, it is not the only motivating factor.

There are two families of motivation that could prompt you to change company:

Giving your work more meaning

  • Expanding your skill set and discovering new fields,
  • Developing your skills, specialising,
  • Doing a job that you find intrinsically satisfying: designing, imagining, organising, managing, influencing, etc,
  • Finding a human environment that you like,
  • Progressing, extending your influence and authority,
  • Gaining greater autonomy, etc.

Practical motivations

  • Enjoy ancillary benefits: company car, mobility, variable pay, etc,
  • Moving to a different area or simply working closer to home,
  • Leaving a human environment that does not suit you,
  • Having more time, ect.

Our aim is to help you achieve fulfilment. As part of an assignment, we will spend time with you analysing the kind of environment that will help you to flourish. The quality of our work is judged in the longer term; our result is dependent on your results. And satisfied candidates are tomorrow’s clients.

You can send us your CV at: credeyetassocies@credey.com